La GrinPack Srl was founded in 2003, and within a short period of time, it specialized in the production of bags for collecting waste of various types of products, made in certified recycled materials from industrial waste, using the most modern and technologically advanced machinery.

Among other machinery, the company is currently equipped with gravimetric control and dosing technology that allows processing materials with precise and constant formulations and thickness control technology that allow the on-going production of an even film in each of its parts, therefore without differences of thickness or basis weight from one metre to the other.

This gives the GUARANTEE to produce highly performing bags that do not create any type of inefficiencies.


The research and development of new products, the technological innovation and constant improvement of quality standards are our daily goal. The effort to constantly be efficient allowed us growing every year and becoming a reference point for many national and international companies.

Grinpack is a company able to become a valid collaborator, with whom to operate to attain your goals at best, thanks to the consulting services offered to identify the customer’s needs, punctuality in responses and deliveries, flexibility to acknowledge the market’s needs and constant will to improve and grow.


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