Grinpack follows the entire production cycle of the material it produces.

Thanks to the extensive experience in the packaging production sector, Grinpack created reclaimed grain mixes coming from industrial recycled material and virgin raw material, excluding reclaimed materials coming from post consumption or washing cycles, in order to obtain guarantees on the resistance properties and total absence of odours that, combined to last generation machinery and the thickness control system, are able to produce a product featuring higher strength compared to competitors’ products.

Grinpack offers a custom-made product to its clients, according to their specific needs.

Waste disposal bags in LDPE

Extremely resistant, odourless, suitable for various uses, recyclable, in various colours and formats according to the client’s needs.

Waste disposal bags in biodegradable and compostable material according to UNI EN 13432 standard

For dustbin and residential complexes – super resistant thanks to our exclusive mix. Formats, thickness and packaging according to the customer’s needs.

Biodegradable and compostable shopping bags compliant with UNI EN 13432 standard

Extremely resistant, able to replace the traditional shopping bags in polyethylene, for any purpose. As producer, we are able to manufacture various formats and thicknesses according to the client’s needs with personalized prints.

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