Grinpack srl is extremely careful in environmental updates linked to the management of the life cycle of its product, and has always put efforts in achieving excellent standards to guide the company towards a proper relation with the environment, in view of sustainable development.

To prove this commitment, Grinpack Srl has tried to implement materials of low environmental impact since its origins, first by using plastic materials exclusively derived from industrial waste, coming therefore from the recycling of materials of other producers, then by managing the discards generated from time to time, thus creating a new product.

Certificato O 12-806- ok compost (115 KB)

Certificato O 12-807- ok compost (115 KB)

The attention to the environment also led Grinpack to focus on the theme of biodegradable and compostable materials, thus soon becoming direct customer of BASF for the purchase of Ecovio, and creating its own line of biodegradable and compostable bags and shopping bags compliant with UNI EN 13432 standard, and providing assistance to its customers in creating their own lines.

The volume of this material significantly grew within a short period of time, equalling the production of plastic material. S293_OKC_fullcolor_PMS.S293_OKC_fullcolor_PMS

Bioplastics or biodegradable and compostable Plastics are those plastics that comply with all the criteria set forth by scientifically recognized standards concerning the biodegradability and compostability of plastic products (EN 13432 standards for Europe, ASTM D6400 standards for USA). VINÇOTTE is one of the European bodies that release biodegradability and compostability certifications. Grinpack obtained the certification with the right to exploit OK Compost S293 trademark on its produced materials.

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