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New certification with the “Second Life Plastic” brand

We are really proud of this choice that we made a long time ago and which, thanks to the IPPR institute – Institute for the Promotion of Recycled Plastics, has taken shape. Our products have always been in regenerated plastic, but thanks to this brand we can go further, we can make a supply chain traceable and give greater value to our products that now speak for themselves.

The “Second Life Plastic” brand is an environmental product certification system for materials and products obtained from the enhancement of plastic waste. It is the first Italian and European brand for recycled plastics which introduces the concept of “quality” in recycled plastics, of “traceability” of recycled materials and refers to the percentages of recycled materials reported in the circular dated 4 August 2004, implementing DM 203/2003 on Green Public Procurement, and the UNI EN ISO 14021 standard.

Second Life Plastic arises from the need to make recycled plastic goods more visible and more easily identifiable, which are addressed to both Public Administrations but above all to the Large Scale Retail sector and, generally, all sectors in which we operate: from wholesale to retail trade, from HoRECA to shops dedicated to home care.

Our license number is 5533 and from today we can use it in all our products.

Obtaining this certification for us means the choice to innovate, to aim to improve the range of products, to give the consumer a safe product, attentive to the environment and to values and priorities that not only Italy asks of us, but also the whole of Europe.

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