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Guarantee of high performance and environmentally friendly bags

Grinpack is a young company born in 2003 and it rapidly began specialising in the production of bags for the collection of various types of waste, produced with regenerated and compostable materials.

Customisation is our core business and, thanks to our investment in technologically performing machinery, we are able to process materials with precise and constant formulations with thickness controls that enable us to produce products of the same size and the same weight.


To be a partner to our customers and serve them to the fullest through continuous product innovation and flexibility in reading market developments

Our goal is to meet customer needs and in this sector each customer has very specific ones, we do not work with approved projects, so each time for us is a continuous challenge. Material, colours, formats: we are constantly evolving, but our rule is to respond to customer needs reliably and on time.

We are affected by environmental market trends; we have a large group behind us that supports us in complex and well-constructed projects.

The Group

Since 2017 we have been part of the SACME GROUP, a large group that operates internationally in the plastics, technopolymer and biopolymer market. The group combines the experience of 4 highly specialised companies in complementary sectors: Sacme SpA (distribution and modification of polymers and technopolymers, production and marketing of PE and bio bags in the large scale retail sector), Dimap Srl (distribution of polymers and high performance technologies in the sports sector), Isochemical Srl and Isochemicals Kimia (production of additives for the expanded plastics industry on the Turkish and Middle East markets).

This incorporation has led us at Grinpack to grow exponentially given the greater market competitiveness and a wider offer of its production.

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